Thursday, June 01, 2006

The other Bob's books.

We all know that Bob's Books is the most important literary website on the planet. (You know, Bob's Books. The website that ran both a review of my book and an interview with me.)

Well, you may not be aware that there is another Bob's books. I'm talking about Robert Dagg Rare Books, of San Francisco. I have two reasons for mentioning Robert Dagg Rare Books. One is because Bob (i.e. Robert Dagg) and Di (his wife) are very good friends of ours. Di was recently in London and we went for a fabulous meal at the Parsee in Archway. She bought a copy of the book, which I had to sign in a specific way, following precise instructions from Bob. That's book dealers - and collectors - for you.

The other reason for mentioning Robert Dagg Rare Books, is that it's featured in my novel, Taking Comfort.

That's given me the idea for my first ever promotional competition. There'll be a special prize of a Cadbury's Twirl mug* (also featured in the book) for the first person to leave a comment with the number of the page Robert Dagg Rare Books is mentioned.

By the way, the Twirl mug pictured here is not the same as the Twirl mug in the book. Perhaps there's another competition there, a prize for anyone who can tell me the difference.

*If I can get one. If not, a promotional mug for one of Cadbury's other bars.

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