Wednesday, May 31, 2006

You couldn't make it up.

I was very kindly invited to contribute something to un-made-up, a website devoted to 'True stories from the keyboards of real people', edited by the journalist William Shaw.

Well, it just so happened that only yesterday I witnessed something, or rather two somethings, pretty much perfect for un-made-up. Weird how the universe does this sometimes, isn't it? You might almost believe in fate.

As I said to Will, I was thinking of writing it up for the plog, but unfortunately I couldn't see a way to work in a mention of the book. And if I can't work in a plug, it doesn't belong on the plog.

Sorry. Them's the rules.


Tribeless said...

That was a great piece Roger.

Mark Hubbard

roger said...

Thanks Mark.

Will said...

Indeed it was a great piece. Many thanks Roger. Anytime the non-fiction muse strikes I'm happy to plug your plog and any other literary ploduct.