Monday, June 05, 2006

Six degrees of something or other.

I'm honoured indeed that the great, and widely read, Grumpy Old Bookman has added a link to this here humble plog. I couldn't help noticing that I share a position on the GOB's blogroll with Richard Charkin, the ceo of Macmillan. As cheeses go, they don't come much bigger.

I followed a link from one of Richard Charkin's recent postings to this article in India's Daily News and Events newspaper.

Where I find myself mentioned, and even quoted.

Amazing thing the internet, isn't it?

Unfortunately, they forgot to mention the title of my book. (Oh. it's Taking Comfort. Nearly made the same mistake myself. As if.)


Lucy McCarraher said...

Hi Roger,
Taking Comfort seems to be taking off - which is great news! Are you still doing lots of work on PR - contacting bookshops to get readings etc, or do these things start to happen of their own accord?
I was listening to some programme on Radio 4 about new advertising media, which apparently include taxi drivers and mums at school gates who are paid to talk up things like foreign holidays and kitchen equipment under the guise of everyday conversation. It made me think that perhaps your idea of flyers on Highgate Station could be taken a step further and I might pay some of my son's art student friends to ride the Circle Line for a couple of days, ostentatiously reading Blood and Water, when it comes out, and talking loudly about how brilliant it is.
One more technoblog question - how do you get the site counter at the bottom of yours? I don't know how to find out how many (if any)visits I've had to my blogsite.
Lucy x

roger said...

Ha! Getting people to read your book on the tube is a great idea, though I'm sure you won't have to pay them, Lucy. I thought of printing up a Tshirt which I would wear to work. Just haven't got round to it yet.

A couple of other events have come my way, through libraries, not bookshops. I haven't actually done any bookshop signings apart from the one at Goldsboro and going in to my local indie bookshop.

As for the sitemeter - I downloaded some code from - I think what I did was copy the code and paste it into my template at the very end. I warn you though, it can be habit-forming, checking out if anyone's visited. Or maybe that's just me.

Lucy McCarraher said...

Thanks, Roger, that was really easy (even for me) and it even works. You should set up a starter pack for idiot bloggers like me!
Actually I suggested that Will and Sophie should put together a Publicity and Marketing pack for writers, saying who to contact for readings, publicity etc, and how long in advance. What not to do... etc. But I'm sure they've got enough on their plates!
Thanks again. I now know that one person has visited by blogsite today - me!
Lucy x