Monday, April 17, 2006

I'm on ebay.

Go on, put a bid in.

It's a signed copy, no less, so I'm thinking it was one of the collectors who turned up to the Goldsboro Books bash. They're asking £24.99. Good luck to them, I say. At least it isn't a review copy gone astray. Or stock knocked off from the warehouse.

Mind you, you can get an equivalent article straight from Goldsboro Books for the original RRP of £12.99.

I'm also in the bookshops. Waterstones in Manchester, for example. Which was where I was on Saturday. They had two copies tucked away, spines out, on the shelves. Rachel pulled one out and put it on the 'Contemporary Classics' table that was all-too-temptingly nearby.

"You can't do that!" I cried, hurriedly replacing it on the shelf. In my haste, I think I may have inadvertently turned it so the front cover was facing out. Next time I'm in Manchester, I'll try to put it back properly.


Debra Broughton said...

Maybe the ebay seller is throwing in the bookends?

roger said...

I might even consider bidding myself if they were. I could put them on ebay and make a bit of money myself.

Steve Kane said...

That cheeky eBay bastard.

Of course, my copy has a personalised message so that could really go for a song.