Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm paired with Neil Gaiman.

Or at least I was the last time I checked my amazon page.

Mind you, that was ages ago. At least as long ago as it took me to craft this little plog entry.


Steve Kane said...

Not a bad writer to be paired with at all. Result!

By the way, I popped into Borders in Oxford on my way home and found three copies of Taking Comfort on the shelf. I took one and positioned it with the cover faced out. Every little helps.

roger said...

Cheers Steve. You will surely go to heaven for that - if your place there was ever in doubt.

Steve Kane said...

Just remember me when you are famous. :)

I'll check Oxford Waterstones tomorrow.

Steve Kane said...

Actually, I remember looking up your book on Amazon last week and it was paired with a different book: William I. Strunk's The Elements Of Style - a book on grammar - which struck me as an odd pairing.

Looks like Amazon reconsidered that one.

roger said...

I think these pairings must be generated automatically - based on the fact that someone who bought Taking Comfort also bought Stardust, or the Strunk book. So in the case of a random book like mine, you get some pretty random pairings.

Of course, what I would really like is that my book is suggested to people who are looking at Neil Gaiman's books. Yeah. Right. Like that's ever going to happen.