Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lost my virginity.

Did my first public reading at the Pan Bookshop on Fulham Road on Friday. It went well. I entered a strange zone of calmness. No shaking. No sweats. It helped to have the book to look at. The audience was great. They laughed in all the right places. I had the sense they were hanging on my every word. Don't know if they were or not, but that's how it felt.

It helped too to be part of the MNW posse. There's a real camaraderie growing between us now, I feel.

Another reading type thing tomorrow night, at Goldsboro Books, 1, Cecil Court. Come along if you're in the area (Leicester Square). There will be champagne and I have a feeling it will be good champagne.

Next one after that is on April 26th at Hornsey Library, Crouch End. It was going to be the 25th, but there's another Unison strike that day. I wouldn't want to make anyone cross the picket line.

(Thanks to Will from MNW for the photo.)

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bevjackson said...

Thanks for generously sharing your voyage, Roger. I am ecstatic about the progress and your enthusiasm.