Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Waterstone's Fresh Blood

Waterstone's are doing a major promotion for crime fiction this summer, and I was lucky enough to be included in it. You can see me as large as life in Waterstone's windows at the moment, in a window poster. It's reproduced on the Waterstone's website here, and above. That's me at the end on the right.

Leaving aside my own deep misgivings about posing as the Kevin Spacey character from The Usual Suspects (not my idea, honest!), still this is great news!


Jamie Mason said...

Ha! Roger in a line-up. I love it! Can't tell if you're taking comments anymore, but I'm enjoying your escapades.

Paul Campbell said...

I love it!

But you do look distinctly dodgy.

David Isaak said...

Better start working on that fake limp, Roger.