Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Interview with Sally Hinchcliffe.

Something a bit different for me. I'm promoting someone else's book! Feels weird, but you know I quite like it. I quite like being a little less self-centred for a day.

The book is Out of A Clear Sky (see above) and it's brilliant. The author is Sally Hinchcliffe.

Last week I cyber-interviewed Sally over several days. You can read the result on the fabulous Vulpes Libris blog, here.

At one point, Sally told me that she felt like she was being given the South Bank treatment and she imagined me asking the questions in a Melvin Bragg voice. Or should that be Sir Melvin Bragg? Or is it Lord, or Dame...? It's something, I know.


Sally Hinchcliffe said...

I would imagine he's His Holiness the Very Reverend General Sir Melvyn Bragg by now...

Thanks for the plug on your plog. I'm honoured...

Nik's Blog said...

I heard the beginning of an interview with her on Radio 5 earlier; disappointed I wasn't able to hear it all because she sounded great.

Another book for my to buy list.

Cheers, Roger.