Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The eggs have it.

Remember Yoka from Egg Wars? That was the eggy diorama that my daughter and her friends created for their school decorate-an-egg competition last year. If you go back and read that post, you'll discover that their entry won the prize for their year. Well, competition time came round again. The pressure was on. Not only that, her younger brother was also eligible to enter this year.

The entries were judged last week, but in a move reminiscent of the Zimambwean elections, but obviously so much more trivial that I almost feel ashamed making the comparison, the relevant authorities have only just announced the winners today.

It turns out that both siblings were placed, and not only that -- to their father's great delight -- their placings were identical: both came second for scenery in their year.

My son continued the Egg Wars theme initiated by his sister last year, with Egg2D2:

Sis and friend went for a scene closer to home, or rather school, depicting some kiddy eggs in class with their teacher, Ms Eggsworthy, whose name is very similar to my daughter's teacher's. Not only that, I can personally verify that the likeness is uncanny:

In other news...

I had a weird -- I might almost say "Kafkaesque" -- appointment with my GP today. At least I think I can call her "my GP", though I have never actually seen her before and doubt I'll see her again. She was asking me about my asthma, which I assume was the point of the appointment. I hadn't actually asked to see her - she'd insisted I saw her when I called in for a prescription renewal. I told her I was fine, no problems. She looked at my notes on her computer screen and continued to ask me routine questions:

"What's your occupation?"
I hesitated a beat before replying: "I'm a writer. Full time, now."
She cocked an eyebrow at that. "Really? What do you write?"
"Under what name?"
"R.N. Morris, mostly."
I swear all this was being entered into my medical notes, either that or she was googling me during the appointment.

If she was googling me, she might have discovered, as I just have, that The Gentle Axe is now available as a Kindle book, and in other eformats elsewhere. It's great that the ad that google generates with that last link is

Can't Pull Back Foreskin?
Fix your tight foreskin - Treat it with a GFS device - The Gentle way

I really hope it's not an axe they're recommending.


Nik's Blog said...

Marvellous eggs, mini-Morrises! (Is that the plural?)

And yes, one would hope it's not an axe being recommended.


David Isaak said...

GFS? Gentle Foreskin Snagger? Grab Foreskins Subtly? Damn. Now I'm going to have to Google it.

An axe, seems extreme, but it would solve the problem on a permanent basis.

Oh, and as last year, wondrously artful eggs.

Roger Morris said...

Hi Nik and David, I've been linked to some weird things, but never a foreskin pulling back device. If it is an axe, it would have to be a gentle one.