Friday, March 30, 2007

The Moscow Times reviews the St Petersburg novel.

I was thrilled by this one. It's a wonderful review by Saul Austerlitz. I say wonderful not just because it's positive, but because the writer just seems to get what I was trying to do. What's more, he's really engaged with the book. So I'm very happy.

It's been a crappy day in other respects. A lot of stress, mostly self-induced and in fact still on-going (I shouldn't really be here). But I had to share.

Oh, and another truly marvellous thing happened - possibly even better than getting a great review in The Moscow Times. Daughter Claire and her friends won the overall egg decoration prize in their school's eggy diorama competition. You may remember it was for Yoka from Egg Wars.


LF said...

Congratulations on the book. I thought it was excellent. Although I am far from a professional writer or reviewer, "Gentle Axe" now has a customer review on Very good luck to you. L.F.

roger said...

Thank you, LF! Or may I call you Len? That's an extremely generous review. I am so glad that you enjoyed the book and it really is very kind of you to take the trouble to write a review of it. I'm bowled over. I'm feeling a little emotional today, as I find that even looking at the picture of Yoka makes me go a little dewy eyed. I think, possibly, I need a holiday. Good job Easter is just around the corner.

Thanks again and great to have you drop by.

Kim said...

well done from one of the girls who made yoka
caitlin akass

roger said...

Haha - hello Caitlin! Great work on Yoka!

Nik's Blog said...

Yes congrats - to you and to the Yoka girls.