Thursday, February 07, 2008

Out today.

Yes, today is officially the publication day for A Vengeful Longing, though it has been making discreet appearances in bookshops for about a week now.

I marked the occasion by making a nuisance of myself at Prospero's Books in Crouch End. They had some stock for me to sign and actually said they had put in another order as it had sold quite well so far. That's great news, of course, though I have a feeling I know every person who has bought a copy!

Tonight I'll be making an appearance at Waterstones in Hampstead, alongside my fellow historical crime novelists Lee Jackson, Andrew Martin and Frank Tallis. We'll be discussing 'Gaslit Vices' with Barry Forshaw, author of The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction.

So basically I've been spending most of the day preparing for that. Otherwise known as working myself up into a right state. Fortunately, one of the panellists (Frank Tallis) is a clinical psychologist, so hopefully he will be able to calm me down if the nerves get too much.

I haven't got much work done today. Mainly because the cat took up a new position actually lying on my arm as I tried to type. My hand was over the keyboard, the cat jumped up, pointed her bottom at my face, then settled down over the arm that was attached to the hand attempting to type.

Other than that, it's been strangely quiet.


Mum'sTheWord said...

Roger, you don't sound like a man whose (brilliant) third book has just been published...come on, crack open the bubbly and have some Dutch courage before tonight. Or French courage. Or, you know, whatever you've got in.


Anne Brooke said...

Well done, Roger! My copy arrived today, hurrah!


Nik's Blog said...

Congrats, Roger. Hope all goes splendidly at the event.


David Isaak said...

Congrats, and hope you had a good time. Meanwhile, someone at the NY Times has a computer feature you need:

'After nearly an hour, I finally contacted a human, but there was an infuriating language barrier. It sounded as if the customer representative was repeatedly asking if I’d pressed the “cat slap button."'

Ask your computer tech if you can get a Cat Slap button added to your gear.

rashbre said...