Sunday, November 11, 2007

Writers, get a myspace page

Sometimes people leave comments on one or other of my myspace pages. Very occasionally, they're from readers. This one made my day:

"So here's a semi-interesting story:

I recently was in the hospital getting surgery on the tendon in my left leg. On my way home, I passed by the hospital's used book stand and immediately saw your book right on the front table.

I've had you on my friends list for a while now, and still haven't read your book until I saw it there in the hospital.

I find myself surprised because, I haven't read a book that didn't involve Doctor Who in months. I've actually stopped playing video games just so I can focus on reading your book.

If it weren't for you asking to be a friend on my myspace I probably would never have gotten the book, so thank you. You've made my recovery time much more bearable.

I haven't read Crime and Punishment yet, but that's the next book I'm going to tackle after I finish this one. (70 pages left)"


Nik's Blog said...


crimeficreader said...

Great! And as lovely to read as it was to receive, I suspect.

I can see a PR/marketing bod shortening it to "More gripping than Dr Who!" But who could blame them?

On the serious side, this reader is like me. You've taken a classic and moved on one of the characters, making it more accessible to those who shy away from classics. I'm not the only one to now be tempted to read (or listen by audio recording) to the classic C&P. That's another achievement, Roger; you open minds.

Roger Morris said...

Thanks Nik and cfr. It really did make my day to get this comment. I loved the fact that he had stopped playing video games! I hope that the purists who perhaps disapprove of my book because of the liberties I've taken will give me some credit for bringing new readers to Dostoevsky.

David Isaak said...

Come to Fyodor, baby!