Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The St Petersburg perspective.

I've been logging into the St Petersburg Times for a Russian-centric take on the news. One reason is I'm planning another trip to the city. I was hoping it would be a combined research and promotional trip, as I had thought that the Russian edition of A Gentle Axe was due to be released this month. Unfortunately, it seems that there has been some kind of unexpected delay in the schedule, due to my Russian publisher U-Factory being taken over by a bigger publisher.

The big news in Russia is the up-coming election, in which it seems that hunky pin-up and state president Vladimir Putin will surrender power only to hang on to it. I may now time my visit so that I am there for that. It has nothing to do with the book that I am about to begin writing, the third Porfiry Petrovich novel, but it may make for a lively visit. I hope that I'll be able to meet up with my Russian friend Andrey, and maybe some people from U-Factory. It will be interesting to hear their take on the elections.

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David Isaak said...

Next time Porfiry goes on hiatus, perhaps you should fill in the gap with a modern Russian crime novel.

I've had some Russian colleagues who tell me there's plenty of material to go around.