Saturday, September 01, 2007

Podcast interview thingy on the Writing Show.

Many thanks to Paula B for inviting me on the show.


Anne Brooke said...

Nice to have you back, Roger - and well done on the interview.

Hugs to you.


Roger Morris said...

Yes, Anne, I think I am back. Sort of! Thanks for your hugs and support. It's an old interview - thought it was about time I posted it.

And thanks to everyone who's left comments while I've been away.


James said...

Roger - I've now got a copy of Taking Comfort (I'm not going to say how I got it, but I've got it nonetheless) and am looking forward to reading it. Just finishing Henry James's The Golden Bowl, and then yours is next.

Just thought you should know.


Roger Morris said...

Hi James, thanks for looking in - and thank you for finally cracking and getting a copy. But I'm intrigued. Why won't you say how you got it????? Dammit I need to know!

Josh Maday said...

Great interview, Roger. And congratulations on all the praise and press. Well-deserved, to state it modestly. Best wishes to you, bloke.

James said...

Roger - I didn't take it, if that's what you're worried about. No rushing, crushing incident, thank God. ~j