Saturday, August 11, 2007

Skyped by Debby Reynolds!

A few days ago I received a skype message from someone called Debby Reynolds, requesting my details so we could talk. I couldn't honestly think of anyone I knew called Debby Reynolds, so I ignored it. But the message kept coming back. I told Rachel about it. I believe it's best to be open about these things if, as a man, you find yourself being contacted by strange women. Then if it ever gets to the bunny-boiling stage, you can say, "But you remember, I told you all about it."

Anyhow, as Rachel's been paying a bit more attention to the TV news than me, she pointed out that someone called Debby Reynolds, with that same spelling, is the government's chief veterinary officer - and is the person at the centre of the current foot and mouth storm.

Could it be the same person?

Well, I took my mystery to a writers' group discussion board and someone (thanks caro55) pointed out that there is a top New Zealand expert on foot and mouth, a certain Professor Roger Morris, who is the government's adviser on the disease!

This has absolutely nothing to do with books, except that it occurs to me that Debby Reynolds might think The Gentle Axe is a book about a more humane method of slaughtering?

This is all true, but of course the reason I mention it in my blog is... well, those of you who know my devious promotional methods can probably work it out.


writer girl said...

Deviously promotional. Love it!

CFR said...

Shoehorning-in a book plug on the back of a potential foot and mouth crisis is certainly the sign of creative talent!

As writer girl said: "deviously promotional"!

David Isaak said...

You really ought to return her call, you know. Maybe her office will pick up a couple of crates of Gentle Axe out of their emergency budget.

(And when you get her on the line, tell her how much I enjoyed her in "Singin' in the Rain." And in Albert Brooks' "Mother," too.)

Patti Auburn said...

She may think The Gentle Axe is some humane slaughter technique, but I wonder what the cows think? Keep on plugging Roger, you got to get your promotional value out of evrything!

bevjackson said...

lol lol...i THINK Hollywood is after you, Roger. Don't let your wife know or there'll be real hell to pay.

Debbie Reynolds? Debby Reynolds?