Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So far, so good.

What people are saying about A Gentle Axe:

"Lush, and exceptionally compelling, but take your time - R.N. Morris's The Gentle Axe has a vast depth of Russian soul; mysterious, compassionate, and utterly irresistible." Alan Furst.

"A Gentle Axe is tense, atmospheric and bristles with the kind of intelligence you'd read, well, Dostoevsky for... a piece of literary fun." The Independent on Sunday.

"... fantastically confident... the historical detail always enhances the story and never overpowers it, which is a great skill if you can pull it off and Morris does.." Mike Ripley's Crime file.

"... a classic whodunnit where layer upon layer is opened for inspection in accordance with the timeline of Porfiry Petrovich's detection, much like investigating the substance of a Russian doll." It's a Crime... website.

"... the narrative is direct and effective, the place and people well drawn, with, presumably, a series to follow." The Literary Review.

"...he delivers a lively plot, well written, with some unusual characters." The Times.


David Isaak said...

Whoa, praise from Alan Furst (a spectacular writer himself).

I'm not discounting the other reviews, of course, but to me praise from a great writer is praise indeed. (As Sibelius noted, no town ever erected a statue to honor a critic.)

We're drumming our fingertips on the tables over on this side of the pond, waiting for the American release.

Anne Brooke said...

Marvellous reviews! Well done, Roger!


Steve Augarde said...

Great stuff, Roger! The national press, no less. Here's to more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Go Roger! I'm shaking my pompoms for you.


Elizabeth Baines said...

Wow. Congratulations!

Roger Morris said...

Thank you David, Anne, Steve, Aliya and Elizabeth!

Especially Aliya. The pompoms. I really do appreciate that!