Friday, February 02, 2007

Another review of the Axe.

My thanks to Jim Younger, author of the amazing High John The Conqueror, for alerting me to this one.

Oh, it's in Japanese, by the way.


Steve Kane said...

What a brilliant review. Or maybe it was shite. Er... I'll just assume it was a good review. Well done!

Roger Morris said...

Thanks Steve. I haven't a clue. About the review, I mean. Though in general is true also.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you found my post. Actually, I haven't read the book yet. I just posted what looked intriguing. Can I expect something in the line of The Gorky Park in the historical setting?

- a nanny mouse

Roger Morris said...

Hi Nanny Mouse! Well thanks for flagging my book up anyhow. All I will say is that Gorky Park was in my mind as an inspiration. But this is historical crime - and I think it's fair to say the story is very different.