Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New year, new diary.

Last year I had the Redstone Happiness diary. This year, I've gone for the Granta Diary 2007, 'Classic Crime'.

First significant date of the year: February 1. That's when my own crime novel, A Gentle Axe, is released in the UK. Crikey. It's only about a month away! I should be excited, but actually I'm petrified. I'm re-re-reading Crime and Punishment to try to calm my nerves. It seems to be working, which is a surprise given the feverish psychological atmosphere of the book.


crimeficreader said...

Oh Roger,
Don't be petrified, be "Porfiryfied" and excited and energised, albeit in actions and not necessarily thoughts.
I suspect that 2007 will be your year.
"Taking Comfort" was your focus in 2006, but "A Gentle Axe" has to be it in 2007. This book is yours and yours alone. Remember that. "A Gentle Axe" is something else. And contemporarily good it was too, having finished it today.
You have nothing to fear, Roger.
Perhaps, plenty to celebrate.
Keep the (right plugs) coming and 2007 will be your year!

I'm not a fan of historical fiction, due to personal choice, but you drew me in and "A Gentle Axe" is a damn good read!

All the very best,

Debi said...

Are you having a launch party???

Oh and happy new year BTW. Hope it turns out even better than this wonderful start would suggest.

roger said...

Thanks Debi and cfr.

Debi, there has been talk of a party, though not specifically to launch my book. More of a celebration in honour of Faber fiction titles coming out at around the same time. I don't have any details yet.