Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tom Saunders on Rob Saunders (or should that be Job Saunders?)

Tom Saunders, Pushcart Prize-nominated author of the excellent short story collection Brother, What Strange Place is This? made an interesting - and I think very insightful - throw-away remark.

"Rob Saunders is obviously Job from the Old Testament. It's hinted at in the title Taking Comfort."

He actually meant it as a joke, but it stunned me because one of the projects rattling around in my brain is the idea of writing a modern retelling of the Book of Job. Tom (no relation to Rob) made me realise that I'd already done it! It's the first time I've thought of Taking Comfort in this light, but I have to say I have long been fascinated by the Book of Job, mulling over its meaning, and the roles of God and the Devil in it... ever since I read Jung's Answer to Job many years ago.

Thanks Tom. It seems I can now tick something else off my to-do list.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Roger,
My brother, also called Roger (Wagner)is an artist and poet who has also used the Book of Job as an inspiration for a play and a series of paintings ( - but can't find any ref to the Job stuff on his website.) He might be looking at it from a very different point of view than you (or I) would, though.
Don't seem to have your email address any more, so this is also to ask whether you'd like to get together with me, Cate, hopefully Peter B, Michael F and maybe Matt C, before the Jonathan D launch on Dec 5th. Maybe meet up for a drink or coffee anytime from 4ish, in some establishment not too far from Crinnan Street? I think W and S would also be happy to have dinner after with as many of us as can go on.
Lucy x