Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I find myself developing...

... an irrational fear of Russian-speaking gentlemen in restaurants and cafes. There were two at a table in the sandwich bar this lunch time and one of them looked distinctly peaky. I got out of there pretty sharpish, I can tell you. Now, anybody know the symptoms of radiation sickness?

For more about the anxieties of urban living, try this.


Anonymous said...

yeah I know what you mean. I was in Itsu on Piccadilly on 5 November, 4 days later.

Have been trying not to feel nauseous every since!

Roger Morris said...

Hi James, thanks for looking in. I heard of someone who was in there the same day. Anyhow, I feel all-over crap at the moment. Either I'm coming down with the flu or it was that Russian guy in the sandwich shop.

I read in the paper that Litvinenko lived in Muswell Hill. Not a million miles from the setting of my book. You know I can always be relied on to bring any subject back to my book!

birdandbuffalo said...

Ya dumayu, shto odin uz nikh bil ya - which ruffly translates as "Methinks one of them woz me".


Anne Brooke said...

Don't know what you're fussed about, Roger!! - we have an ex-KGB agent in Godalming who was splashed all over the local rag last week saying how dreadful it all was, what a lovely man the dead spy was and, hey, this is my address in Godalming ... I am now on the look-out for suspicious men in furry hats carrying packages!!!



Roger Morris said...

Hey, b&b, I didn't realise you were fluent in Russian. Very impressed. I wish I was!

Anne, the (former) KGB in Godalming! Godalmighty! What is the world coming too.

birdandbuffalo said...


And there is much more for you to know...

btw you might just enjoy the latest blog entry about the Muswell Hill Free Thinkers' Association Christmas Dinner.

And it's ALL true!