Monday, September 11, 2006

Thank you, crimeficreader, Part II.

For this review.

It contains the words all writers (or at least all sane ones) long to hear "this is a damn good read".

I hadn't really thought I'd written a crime novel, but apparently the boundaries of the genre are being pushed, so my book would make it in. Admittedly, there is a crime - more than one, actually - and a body, so I do use thrillerish elements in the story. I make no apologies for that!

It was good to discover that the book worked as a thriller for someone who reads a lot in that genre - and that the other things I was trying to do with it were appreciated too.

I'm well chuffed.

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crimeficreader said...

And thank you Roger, for the second link!

There are only so many variances of "one dead body (or more) + murder! + investigation + resolution". Taking your "product" theme: it's like sheet after sheet of toilet paper. Some make it a bit of tapestry (the plush quilted, aloe vera impregated variety); some just play with a bit of colour.

But when it comes to readers, some are looking for more, and something more original that is a twist on the "theme". Luckily, we have authors and editors who have imaginations and appreciation of readers. So now we have a few novels that some readers might argue are not really
"crime fiction" but have crime in them.

There has been quite some debate on this elsewhere; at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival and coming out of it.

But readers will always enjoy something original as long as it works! It's just taste that makes a further definition.

These are interesting times for crime fiction. It's popular and evolving, but it also has to evolve further to stay as popular as it is now, or break further ground.