Monday, September 11, 2006

The sun always shines in Crouch End.

On Saturday, I took the kids to Queen’s Wood.

There was an open air art exhibition on there. We followed coloured ribbons, or arrows with tiny mirrors inside them, to find installations in amongst the trees. This is something that happens every year, I think. But this year I had the sense that there were more objects in the exhibition, and more interesting ones too.

It’s great to watch kids (one 6, the other 8) respond to what could be described as ‘modern’ or ‘conceptual’ art. They love it. They approach it without preconceptions and respond to it with a simplicity and joy that I’m sure would delight the artists.

I should say that Queen’s Wood is one of the settings of my novel. It’s where Rob Saunders goes jogging and ‘makes a frightening discovery’ as the blurb has it. So I was thinking that one of the artworks might have been a body, or a model of one, hidden in the undergrowth. Obviously, that would have been a bit too gruesome for an event that is intended for families, but that's just my imagination.

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