Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wanted: one Snoopy ringbinder.

This lunchtime I went shopping for a Snoopy ringbinder. I want one to use in the short film/video/trailer/promo type thing I am tentatively thinking about putting together for Taking Comfort. I did say tentatively, so don't go getting too excited.

My idea, or part of it at least, is to use footage of some of the inanimate objects that Rob Saunders picks up in the story. The first of these is a Snoopy ringbinder.

Well, could I find one? Could I buggery. That is to say, they didn't have any in WH Smiths or Rymans. I'll try Woolworths on Friday. But I'm not hopeful. It seems that the world of kids novelty stationery has unceremoniously dropped Snoopy and taken up Jacqueline Wilson instead. Or at least her characters.

Either that or I made them up. I suppose that's what novelists do.

Back to this film idea of mine. On the way in I bought myself a cup of Starbucks coffee. Not my usual choice I have to say, but it provides another of the props. (Bloody hell! The prices in that place. And the queue.) I think I will also use a handkerchief, unbranded, but stained with blood. And yes, it will be real blood.

It all feels a little bit weird. Especially as I am thinking of posing as Rob myself. In a flame-engulfed building - a local block of flats that I will probably... no, no, not going to do that. Please don't alert any authorities.

I have realised, however, that although the book is not autobiographical, I am an obsessive person. Now that I have had the idea to buy a Snoopy ringbinder, I will not rest until I get one. If anybody's got any ideas where I might find one, please let me know.


Dr Ian Hocking said...

I didn't know you're actually going to do the trailer, Roger. Sounds like it might be fun. This one is great:

roger said...

That is amazing, Ian. Beautiful and great production values. Mine, if I do indeed go ahead with it (I'm such a tease, aren't I) will be very raw and minimalist by comparison. I'm hoping that the rawness and minimalism will be seen as a virtue. Bit like the writing in TC, I suppose.

But I do have a great music track. Oh, yes. I'm very excited about my music track.

Dr Ian Hocking said...

I've spent a worryingly large slice of the day mucking around with iMovie to make a trailer. It's an interesting creatve challenge (in orders, it'll come out looking a bit rough). Mine is for a novel I haven't finished writing yet. I'm almost excited! I don't have a rock track, though.