Thursday, July 27, 2006

I made it....!

... on to my own amazon banner at the bottom of the plog. This is the ad strip that suggests products by analysing the content of the blog. It has thrown up some weird items, including CDs by some tuba player called Roger Buba. Okay, I can see why it suggested a Roger, but I don't remember mentioning the tuba in my blog ever, or a Buba for that matter. Oh, shit. Now I have mentioned the tuba, so I am probably going to get some more of that tuba shit there. You know, I just can't imagine sitting down and listening to a whole album of tuba music. Shit. I mentioned the tuba again. This is really going to mess things up. I must stop mentioning the fucking tuba. Sorry. I swore. God knows what that will do to the amazon ad.


Steve Kane said...

You are now there in the banner next to a DVD of the latest series of Doctor Who - the cool 2-parter reintroducing the Cybermen.

I'm sure we can all see the connection there.

roger said...

Yes, it's obvious, isn't it? Errr... I haven't mentioned Dr Who once on the plog, though I may have used the word 'who'. So that must be it. It would be quite a good game to try and influence the banner by skewing the content, mentioning certain words a lot to see if it will then match that with items. It's not a firm idea yet and it may be scraping the bottom of the barrel. It's the sort of thing I might have done when I was young. (A vain attempt to produce something corresponding to 'firm young bottom' for no good reason.)