Sunday, July 30, 2006

Try this.

Book trailer. Should work if you've got a windows media player loaded, I think. Or realplayer. Or something. I dunno. Don't ask me.

If you are a mac person, or on dial-up this may work better for you (PC users can use this link too).

Thanks to Ian Hocking and Clive Parsley, beta checkers supreme.

The music, if you're interested is composed by Ed Hughes and performed by the Bath Camerata.

(ADDED: I've now re-edited the video to take into account crimeficreader's very helpful suggestions - see comments, if you're interested.)


crimeficreader said...

OK Roger, I'll be honest here.

It's really good and I love the music and the visuals. The use of inanimated tube travel is great as it offers the scene of the novel, but does not apply any predisposed and personal thoughts. Likewise the Starbucks coffee cup after a hacking - Starbucks has spread in the UK, but they are still essentially London. This provides a great sense of setting without me losing my own sense of imagination - I can see the setting and I have an idea of the nature of the story, but the basics remain in my own mind and imagination, yet to be read.

But when it comes to plugging, Roger, I have the following points:

1. You see the book and then you get the flames for a while, plus the music accreditation following and then more of the flames before the book again. Personally, I'd emphasise the book more. When viewing for the first time, it's an easy option to disregard anything that follows from the flames... I only viewed it more times to make comments here. If you want to get the book to the reader, you have one chance, I reckon - first viewing. Hence I suggest, more of the book, less of the flames sequence.

2. On first viewing, the words "Through the objects he takes from scenes of tragedy and danger..." implies through the ellipsis that the next words will start with "are..". This is because I read "though" as opposed to "through". I'm not sure everyone is like me, but I managed that for about five times before I saw it was a "through..." and the following words made sense. I was disconcerted until then and quite uneasy. Personally, I'd go with a word that is more clinically clear, to avoid confusion. (I say this as a current student of psychology, who recently did a "test" along with other students on my course, which revolved around the appearance of words. It's just too easy to "interpret" and not see "fact" before your eyes.)

I loved the trailer and can now see where you're coming from, Roger. But I think a little fine tuning might make it even better...

I hope I haven't offended you. I aim to be constructive and help emerging authors in any way I can.

As it stands, the trailer makes me want to buy. I just think the purpose of it could be more vigorously pursued, without being so "in-your-face" as to annoy and not garner new readers. And I have confidence that you may see my point...


roger said...

Thanks cfr for your fantastic comments - well, for bothering to look at it at all and then for taking the time to comment in so much detail. I hadn't thought about the misreading of the first title. I will have to give that some thought. The balance of the flames and the book is a good point too. I shall have to see if I can do anything to adjust it! I really appreciate all comments, honestly. Though I have to say I will have to put a cut off point on how long I work on this damn thing!

crimeficreader said...

Thank you for appreciating my comments so much!
Good luck with the novel.
(Is the music available to buy somewhere? I just tried and failed to find it on Amazon...)

Cas Stavert said...

Great trailer, Roger. I would have to disagree with crimeficreader that Starbucks are essentially London though - they've been all over the place for years. It's the tube that gives the location.

I think these trailers are an interesting development.

roger said...

Hi Cas, thanks for looking in and thanks for your nice comment.