Saturday, April 01, 2006

Writers' spouses.

It's been alleged that Dan Brown's wife practically writes his books for him. Whilst I can't quite count on that level of self-sacrifice from Rachel, I can usually rely on her for precisely the kind of emotional support I need, in any given situation.

This morning, for example, I announced in a near hysterical panic: 'Shit! It's April!' The significance of this remark being that this is the month that Taking Comfort, my debut novel, comes out.

'You do realise,' said Rachel calmly, 'that you're being a bit of a girl about all this, don't you?'

Ah, well, hmmm... I suppose she has a point.


Richard said...

Our women like to ground us occasionally (in a good way), don't they?

Tribeless said...


Paul Campbell said...

Hi Roger.

I got an e-mail this morning from Amazon...

Your order has been dispatched

Very exciting. Can't wait!

roger said...

Really? So early! It's not out till Friday. I hope you're not disappointed.