Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Spectator reviews North.

There was an excellent review of Brian Martin's novel North in the Spectator last week. You can read it here, if you're prepared to register your email address and make up a memorable password.

I've read the first forty pages of North myself. No, I'm not turning in to the Grumpy Old Bookman. It's just that we were all sent samplers of each other's books, and infuriatingly that's as far as they went. Let's just say I'm looking forward to picking up where I left off when I get the book itself. Beneath the surface elegance, there's a real sense of something evil lurking.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, North is book of the month at Goldsboro Books.


Richard said...

Roger, did you write a novel or something? I hadn't heard anything about that at all in here. Heh heh. Let me know when it comes out in paperback… Ah, what the hell, I'll buy. Do you take beads and bangles? I'm all out of large sea shells.

Tribeless said...

Roger, when I follow the Amazon link on your site I'm taken to seven people who are trying to sell your book second hand (already) ... It strikes me that Amazon is not really helping the author much here?

Although, six of the seven are trying to sell the book at a more expensive price than brand new. Dumb :)

I'm buying new, of course.

Mark Hubbard

roger said...

Richard, I'll even take shiny buttons.

Mark, I could only see one 'used' seller when I went there. The other ones must have gone!!! It is amazing because the quality of the book is given as 'as new' - I mean, it is new! It isn't even launched yet. I don't really understand this. Especially as the used one is far more expensive than the new ones.

Thanks for buying, Mark. Especially as you're buying from so far away. (PS someone said the MNW books were in Australian bookshops - I don't understand this either, but it might be worth doing a google to see if there's any outlet nearer to you than amazon.)