Monday, February 27, 2006

New website all about.... my book!!!

Okay, I realise I may be the only one who is genuinely excited about this, but the fact remains that there's a new website dedicated to my book, Taking Comfort.

Have a look see.

There's even a video clip of me spouting about the book. Dig deep and you shall find it.

It's a work in progress still. The video clip is a tad too long, and some type seems to have mysteriously dropped off. (Perhaps someone took it.) But it's getting there.

Now all I have to do is tell people about it. On that subject I had a wonderful suggestion from Debra Broughton, who has suggested that I print my url on teabags and give them away at Highgate Station. I love that idea, though it may prove a little tricky to execute.

By the way, Debra has very kindly interviewed me on her blog.


Richard said...

You should be excited! This is fun!

Matt Curran said...

Hi Roger

Long time reader, first time caller...

Actually, I've been reading your blog for a few months now, ever since I signed on the dotted line with Macmillan last November. I've got a tentative publishing date of Jan 2007 for my book, The Secret War, and as I'm new to this, and even newer to a writing venture in this vein, I've been following the blog to pick up any ideas of what to expect from Macmillan. I have to say that Mike Barnard seems like a great bloke, and has been very supportive to me. The adverse press the New Writing venture has had in the past was a little worrying at first until I discovered the politics behind the comments. I reckon the label will be a big success and at the end of the day, it'll be the writing that does the talking.

Anyway, good luck with the whole thing, and if you are going to the imprint launch in London at the beginning of April, I'll see you there.

Kind regards


roger said...

Thanks for looking in, Matt, and congratulations on your own book. I think you'll find the time will go quicker than you imagine.

You're right about Mike Barnard - he is a great bloke, very genuine and very supportive. I agree too that ultimately it will come down to the writing. My only hope is that those that attacked the scheme when it was first announced, will be able to lay aside their prejudices when it comes to making their minds up about the book.

Enjoy the ride.