Friday, February 10, 2006

Aliya Whiteley on Macmillan New Writing.

Aliya Whiteley is one of my fellow Macmillan New Writing authors. Her own novel, Three Things About Me, comes out in July, I think. Though it's available for pre-ordering right now.

In the meantime, to get you in the mood, you can play a little game of Three Things About You with Aliya over on her website.

Find your way to the discussion forum headed 'Three Things About You'. Then simply post three things about yourself, one of which is a lie. Aliya tries to guess which is the lie. If you outwit her, you win a rather splendid bookmark. Mine recently arrived. Yes, I won. I think most people do. As Aliya herself said: "outwitting me is only slightly more impressive than outwitting a patio, as I am the most gullible person in the universe."

Aliya's also written an article about Macmillan New Writing which has been published on Sarah Weinman's website.

Today's my birthday, by the way. (46. Don't.) I got a jumper, a masterchef cookbook, and tickets to Mike Leigh's play, and ooh all sorts of other stuff you wouldn't believe. (A chest infection, for instance!!!) Coincidentally, my latest order from Amazon arrived today, as a kind of extra birthday present to myself. It's Charlie Williams' crime novel, King Of The Road. I haven't read any of Charlie's previous books, but I know him from the writers' website Zoetrope. It looks good - English noire. Sounds very dark and original. Can't wait, though I'm currently working my way through Dostoevsky's The Adolescent, which, believe it or not, is very funny.

By the way, as an extra extra birthday present to myself, I have decided not to plog my book today. Doh! Seems I just can't help myself.


Richard said...

(Pretend I'm using wild fonts and happy colors to send you this message:


Tom Saunders said...

Happy birthday, mate.

Haven't you got a book out?

roger said...
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roger said...

Thank you Richard and Tom.

Richard - I love the fonts and colours.

Tom - so you heard about the book? Word does get around. And there was me trying to keep it quiet.