Friday, January 27, 2006

If only.

The good folk over at Macmillan New Writing have been busy. Not only is the shiny new website up and running, they have also been sending out press packs whipping up interest in the first six titles.

As if that wasn’t enough, I received a huge stack of glossy postcards featuring the cover of my book. (Taking Comfortby Roger Morris. ISBN: 0230 001378. Available in all good bookshops from April 2006. To order direct, visit:

‘Send them to everyone you have ever known,’ was the accompanying exhortation.

I couldn’t possibly do that. No, no, no. I’m far too reticent. What would people think?

If only I could learn to be a bit more upfront about my writing endeavours.


Richard Cooper said...

You'd better send me one of those darned postcards. I'll trade you one from Santa Fe, if that's a deal.


Steve Kane said...

Yes, I've noticed that you haven't been pushing your novel as much as you might on this blog by inserting links to Taking at every available opportunity no matter how tenuous the pretext.

You need to be more forward.

Roger Morris said...

Richard, you got yourself a deal there, fella.

(zmail me your address?)

Roger Morris said...

Steve, why didn't I think of that! Oh, and I checked those links you know. Good work.


Tom Saunders said...

There are obviously no bushels in your part of London, Roger.

World domination!

Roger Morris said...

Tom, I'm not after world domination. North London domination would be fine. And I don't know the meaning of the word bushel.

By the way, I was over at your blog the other day and it looks like you've got something like a novel going on??? Something with chapters anyhow. I was interrupted in my reading, but I liked the first part very much (naturally). I shall be back over soon.

Tom Saunders said...

Yes, for want of anything new, I've put up the beginning of an old novel. I'm not a novelist and I think you can see why.

Roger Morris said...

"I'm not a novelist and I think you can see why." Well, it's not obvious to me. I haven't finished reading what you've posted over on your blog. I like what I've read so far. It's really pulling me in. And your thumbnails of the incidental characters are brilliant. Perhaps considering yourself 'not a novelist' has become self-fulfilling?