Monday, September 14, 2009

Humble apologies to any commenters

Oh God, I feel awful about this. I just discovered that I had 22 hidden comments waiting for me to moderate. I had been wondering why I hadn't been getting any comments recently. The truth was I had, but I just didn't know they were there.

I must have switched over to moderating my comments and then immediately forgotten that I'd done so.

God. I'm so crap. And sorry. Sorry sorry sorry.

I promise that I will keep an eye open for comments from now on.


Mack said...

I was going to be snarky but you've already been humiliated by your kids mocking your website and that's worse than any snark I could come up with so I'll just say don't worry about it Roger, stuff like this happens. It did send me back to the original post to see what I was commenting on in the first place.

Roger Morris said...

I had a blind spot for the notification on the dashboard "You have 22 unmoderated comments". God knows how long it had been there but when I at last saw it I was horrified.