Tuesday, April 07, 2009


It's holiday time here. Which means the kids are off school and semi-cluttering up the house. Actually, one of them is doing a music course, which runs more or less usual school hours and the other is no trouble at all. So I can't really blame them for my lack of productivity. But I have to confess I am not at my most productive at the moment.

It's not as if I don't have something to work on. I do. A nice project, actually, a longish short story. Or maybe it's a shortish long story. I haven't decided yet. I have no definite deadline for it though, and maybe that is the problem.

In the meantime I am waiting to hear back from my editor about the edits I did on my new manuscript. I think it's that, really, that's preventing me from getting on with anything. Until I know what's happening there my writing life is slightly suspended.

Of course, there is the daily, hourly, feeding of the twitter beast. Or perhaps that should be 'tweast' following the apparent trend (sorry, I mean 'twend') of taking perfectly good words and bastardising them by replacing their initial letters with 'tw'.

It can produce some interesting coinages - or should that be twoinages?

There's twiction, and twitterature, of course, which have been used to describe my own particular experiment on twitter (twexperiment?). Others have also come to my attention: twistory, twictures, twelephone, twexy, twoddle, twonsense, twiresome and twen-will-it-all-stwop?

Then again, I may just be twitting you.

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