Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Detective Dumpty and the Murder Myster-yolk.

It's that time again. The egg decorating contest at my kids' school. This year my son and his friend did a joint effort, which was all their own idea without any influence from me I promise: the theme they chose was Detective Dumpty and the Murder Myster-yolk. The picture only represents half of their endeavour as the background, which included a forensic tent and a perpetrator hiding in a bush, was not available for me to photograph.

You will notice that that is an axe sticking out from the victim's broken shell.

My daughter and her friends went for a slightly more surreal theme, which as far as I can tell was based on the idea that 'Eggs are strange'. The scene was offered as evidence of this, depicting as it does some eggs eating breakfast in a bathroom. It's pretty deep.


Ellen said...

What strange and creative kids ... I like it!!

Chicklish said...

These are masterpieces, and I admire them greatly.

crimeficreader said...

Very funny. When old enough, your son might like to be introduced to the books of Jasper Fforde, as I think they might have a bit in common.

Anonymous said...

hehe...what an imagination!

صرقعة said...

haha, i like it !