Sunday, February 01, 2009

Two things

Thing one

Last week I was interviewed by the literary website Authorscoop. They asked for a photo to go with the interview. I thought it was time for a new one, especially as I now have a beard. You can read the interview, and see the beardy photo, here. Thanks to Jamie Mason of Authorscoop for interviewing me.

Thing two.

Jamie is someone I have 'met' through the internet. We actually came into contact through a website called AbsoluteWrite, and linked up on myspace. In the same way, I've virtually met a lot of wonderful writer friends through the American Zoetrope website, set up by Francis For Coppola. Marko Fongo is one of those, and he has very kindly written a wonderful, and very perceptive, review of A Vengeful Longing for his blog ChanceLucky. Thank you, Marko.

More on the beard later.


Nik's Blog said...

Welcome to Club Beard. Nice interview too.


Rachael King said...

I confess I skipped the interview and went straight for the beard. Very distinguished and elder-statesman-like. Then I went back and read the interview, I promise!

Chancelucky said...

it was a pleasure to read both of your R.N. Morris books. It was also an easy review. So often, I struggle to find "nice things to say" in reviews. This was the reverse and more a matter of trying to keep it concise.

Again, both books "scream" movie to me. 19th century St. Petersburg is a CGI set designer's dream. You've got multiple meaty roles and the whole "high concept" thing (For awards purposes).

David Isaak said...

A beard. Jesus, let him work at home for a bit and he goes totally bohemian on us.

Jamie said...

I like the beard, sir. It works. I still love your cat.

Thanks for mentioning AuthorScoop!