Thursday, February 05, 2009

So the beard...

... looks like this:

My target length is this:

Or even this:


Matt Curran said...

Roger, you look positively stunned in that photo. Like someone who has never seen a camera before.
The problem with long beards is that they become entangled in the keyboard. You might be forced to write by hand if you reach those beardy heights.
Greater trimming is the way to go.

Mack said...

I don't know Roger, with that expression AND a long beard you'd be heading toward psychotic killer territory. Given that your beard is about the same length as mine I vote for maintaining that length.

Roger Morris said...

Hi Matt, I already do write by hand! Maybe my face is catching up??? I was severely trimmed today. It's sort of gone back to being neither one thing nor the other.

Mack, thanks for looking in. Hmm, not sure psychotic killer is a look I'm going for. Hence the trip to the barber's.