Thursday, January 29, 2009

Audio book news

I was asked by facebook friend and audiobook reviewer Sharon Harriott whether there is an audiobook of A Vengeful Longing. The answer is yes!

I have to confess that I'm not a fan of audiobooks myself. Reading has always been a silent occupation for me, and I find the reader's voice too intrusive. This is especially so when I'm listening to audiobooks of my own work - which, frankly, is something I just can't do. However, I do know there are people who love them, and indeed some who rely on them. (Audiobooks in general, I mean - not my audiobooks!) So for those of you who are interested, the audiobook of A Vengeful Longing is available through audible, as an mp3 download. I think that means you can put it on your ipod, if that's the kind of thing you're into. It's read by John Curless, who may or may not be this guy:

I'm sure he does a great job, though I can't bring myself to listen to the clip on the audible page. Perhaps you will be able to and report back in the comments what it sounds like.


Nik's Blog said...

I really like it, Rog - really, it sounds fab. Go on, have a listen. I dare you...


Rachael King said...

Just curious - is it abridged? And if so, how much? Mine was serialised for radio and I couldn't lisen to it because it seemed to use only one sentence per paragraph, cutting out anything that wasn't action and dialogue.

Roger Morris said...

Thanks Nik. I'm glad it sounds okay. I still haven't dared. But I might now!

Rachael, unabridged, I believe. Getting a radio serialisation is fab - well done. The audiobooks have been sold on by my US publisher, and I have known nothing about them. One sentence per para does sound pretty drastic. And you lose out on all the wonderful atmosphere of Butterflies, I'm sure. But even so - a radio adaptation! I am green with envy.