Thursday, July 31, 2008

I need therapy.

I seem to be addicted to setting up internet pages for myself on various social networking or writing sites. Here's the latest, over at the red room.

Please don't tell me about any other similar sites. Otherwise I will feel obliged to go there and set up a page.

Perhaps my addiction to setting up author pages will cure me of my addiction to checking my amazon ranking. It's the methadone to the heroin of amazon watching.


disgruntled said...

Damnit, I'd gone all day, and then I read this and had to go check my own.

And I was doing so well...

Rachael King said...

Hi Roger

You're google alerst have probably done their job, but there is a good review this week in The Listener, NZ's best mag for book reviews. It's only partially online while the mag's on sale (one week), but you;ll be able to see the whole thing here next week:;jsessionid=318029DB06B57CFF2C392B3769ED45BF

Vanda Symon said...

Great reviews in the Listener, and pleased to tell you your books are in my local bookshop - The fab University Book Shop in Dunedin.

David Isaak said...

Roger, Roger, you've gone weeks without a post while fiddling about with MyBook and FaceSpace and other places where respectable posts amount to "R U hear? :~) Me 2!!!" Do you think people who buy books write like that?

At least get your daughter to fill in for you here. C'mon, you skinflint--how much would you hve to pay her?