Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photo of my forehead.

My daughter thinks my 'big' forehead is hilarious. She took this picture of it to show just how big, and hilarious, it is.

Had a nice bookseller review of A Vengeful Longing on the Waterstones website. Apparently, the book has been 'criminally' overlooked by the buying public. Hopefully, Nicholas Cunliffe-Jones, the reviewer, will help to put things right, at least in Maidstone. Thank you, Nicholas.

Check out the new Faber site. If you look hard enough, you might find me.

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Sarah Hilary said...

Big forehead = big brain throbbing behind it. I hope your daughter realises that. Mine is fond of pointing out my many physical flaws, no matter how miniscule. "You've got a birth mark on your chin... Oh, wait. No, it's just a spot." Who needs a mirror?