Sunday, April 06, 2008

The less said about this the better.

Me on Meet the Author.


Paul Campbell said...

Lovely stuff, Roger.

You were great.

But how could you introduce me to such an addictive website when I've got a deadline?

I spent far too much time checking out the other authors.

My favourites (heartily recommended) were Iain M Banks for "Matter", and Debi Gliori for "Goodnight Baby Bat".

Nik's Blog said...

Great stuff, Roger. MTA is a fantastic place to be.


Roger Morris said...

Paul, it is far too addictive. I am trying to cut down my distractions, so I've been hypnotised to stay away from there. Thanks for the kind words, btw.

Thanks Nik. I had heard of MTA so I was pleased when Faber suggested I go on it.