Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Quick Round-up...

... of review quotes so far.

“A Vengeful Longing confirms what RN Morris’ previous novel, A Gentle Axe, suggested – that here is major talent in the increasingly overcrowded historical crime field. On the evidence here, Morris is writing novels that rival the very best in the genre in terms of atmosphere, plausible historical detail and exemplary plotting.” Barry Forshaw,

"right from the start we are hooked by his storytelling panache… the pungently vivid recreation of pre-Soviet Russia is painted with a master's touch". Barry Forshaw, The Express

“Morris’s descriptions of the horrors of insanitary slum dwellings in St Petersburg are extraordinarily vivid, but the most striking feature of the novel is the way in which Porfiry’s sophisticated understanding of human nature compensates for the limited investigatory tools at his disposal.” Joan Smith, The Sunday Times

“… a book that satisfies on more than one level — as a story of investigation and also as a historical novel crammed with sharply individualised characters. Morris has clearly done his research, and he also has an unusual ability to enter imaginatively into another time and place. The novel is well written too, and constantly nudges against the genre envelope of crime fiction.” Andrew Taylor, The Spectator

“Morris's St Petersburg comes alive in intense imagery…” Carola Groom, The Financial Times

“… we get not only a narrative full of surprises, but a vivid picture of squalor and poverty a century and a half ago.” Gerald Kaufman, The Scotsman

“a dark masterpiece” Anne Brooke, Writewords.

“This is an excellent, very enjoyable, historical crime mystery which captures both the feel and atmosphere of 19th century Russia as a decaying Kafka-esque empire waiting for a revolution.” Norman Price, Euro Crime

“Throughout the book Morris demonstrates a facility for handling characterisation and atmospherics that would shame many ‘literary’ writers and his ability to create and sustain a complex and compelling plot is the equal of any other writer currently at work in the genre.” Adam Colclough, Shots Magazine

“… for all the homage, it’s important to emphasise that these novels really do work well in their own right. As history they transport the reader back to the St. Petersburg of the 1860’s, as crime they’re intriguing and intelligent and, last but definitely not least, as entertainment, they’re grrrrrrrreat!” Lizzy’s Literary Life

“This novel keeps you questioning and guessing until the end... Morris's brilliant writing will have you on the spot in St Petersburg in 1868 in your head and trying to control emotions that Porfiry Petrovich will not let get in the way of his investigation.” It’s a Crime…or a Mystery.

“He uses atmosphere to remarkable effect, and there is nothing overindulgent or surplus. There are layers in this novel that come back to haunt you… [a] vivid and satisfying read about power, suffering, bitterness and revenge.” Emily Gale, Vulpes Libris


Anne Brooke said...

Well done, Roger - as ever! And goodness how I envy you your reviews and your marketing strength!


Roger Morris said...

Thanks Anne - but hey, you don't do so bad yourself. I've been blessed with the reviews and quotes - yours included. I really appreciate your support, which has been constant.


Paul Campbell said...

OK, Roger, so where have you hidden all the bad reviews?

Actually, I've just finished it myself. My only mistake was to put it down halfway through and then get distracted by some life-stuff before picking it up again a week later. All those Russian names - I had no idea who'd killed who, and who cared!

But, after some serious re-scanning, I was back in the 19th Century and eager to finish. Wonderful stuff, Roger. And the plaudits are well-deserved.

Can't wait for Vol 3.

crimeficreader said...

Seems so long ago that I read A Vengeful Longing...
Eagerly awaiting the next, Roger.

In the meantime, congrats on some wonderful reviews and let the sales match the quality written about!

Best wishes.

Roger Morris said...

Hi Paul, thanks for the kind words. As for bad reviews, I go round buying every single copy of the publication they appear in, then burning them in an industrial incinerator I have bought specially for that purpose. If they're online, I hack in to the host server and delete the master files. I then hire a contract killer to deal with the reviewer in question.

Hi CFR, and thanks! Especially for providing one of my review quotes! As for "let the sales equal the quality written about" - we can only hope. Currently I am investing all my hopes for sales in the American paperback of Gentle Axe which is due to come out at the end of March. Penguin are seriously getting behind it.