Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A dream review.

The Dream Depository is still open. So if you have any dreams to add, please do. And thanks to everyone who has left dreams so far.

I've had some fascinating correspondence with the American writer and writing professor, Louis Gallo, who has interesting ideas about dreams and writing. He's recommended a method for inducing dreams, which I will reveal soon. All I can say now is that it involves bananas. He's also sent me a couple of his amazing short stories, in which dreams feaature.

In the meantime, Crime Fiction Reader drew my attention to Norman Price's review of A Vengeful Longing which has appeared on Euro Crime.

This is an excellent, very enjoyable, historical crime mystery which captures both the feel and atmosphere of 19th century Russia as a decaying Kafka-esque empire waiting for a revolution.

For those of you wondering whether you should read Crime and Punishment before either A Gentle Axe or A Vengeful Longing, this is what Norm has to say:

I, like probably many readers of modern crime fiction, have never read Dostoevsky, but I am sure the Roger Morris series will encourage many to try the Russian classic CRIME AND PUNISHMENT as a result of enjoying these reincarnations of Porfiry Petrovich.


Anne Brooke said...

Well done, Roger! Interesting too about dreams and bananas - I've just starting writing a short story featuring bananas. And a very strange man called Jacob. Set in Egypt, I think. The plot thickens ...


Roger Morris said...

Thanks Anne. And thank you for your wonderful review on amazon and writewords. I shall do a link to that too. It's half term at the moment and the kids are around, so I am a little disorganised... I shall try to steal a longer moment this evening.