Thursday, January 17, 2008

Who's who in Crouch End?

Me, it seems. My thanks to Vicky Bottrill for the questions. In another section of today's Ham and High, there's a snippet about our forthcoming Gaslit Vices event. Apparently, according to the reporter, A Gentle Axe was written by some guy called Wilson. Well, apart from getting my name wrong, the piece is factually correct in almost every detail.

There's also been another writer's life video, this time by my Writeword pal, Nik Perring. Nik says you should blame me if his turns out boring. I hardly think that's fair!

I thought I invented a new word the other night. Stoogle. To stalk someone over the internet. But it turns out it already exists. A friend, who shall remain nameless, was soliciting my help in contacting an author, whose name I shall also withhold. I don't know the author, so I'm not really sure how I was expected to bring about a meeting. Anyhow, I asked her if she had tried stoogling him. I felt pretty pleased with myself, I can tell you. A quick check on google revealed that someone had got their before me.

So maybe I can have 'woogling', checking a word on google to see if it exists. Or perhaps 'choogling', which is simply checking something on google, is better. Yes, I quite like that. I'll just go and choogle it.


Nik's Blog said...

Ooh, I like that stoogle word. What was that other one I recently discovered, Malco; for malcoordinated. So there you go.

And how could it possibly be my fault if the video I made was boring? Must be able to blame it on someone else, surely!

Hope that coffee pot's beginning to pull its weight.


David Isaak said...

I dunno, Roger. Isn't "Choogling" an activity already described by a Creedence Clearwater Revival song? (And a rather meatheaded song, too, even by CCR standards.)

Guess you'll have to stick to "woogle."