Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Oh! Those Russians!

I'm currently back in Russia. In my head, that is. Right now reading up on Tsar Alexander II inThe Romanovs 1818-1959. The Russian Imperial family of the 1860s make an appearance in the WIP. Well, I call it a WIP, but I haven't actually written a word of it yet. Perhaps I should call it a WIM. Short for Work In Mind.

I'm in the research phase, which always seems to involve spending a lot of time, and unavoidably money, in bookshops, panic-buying any book I think might vaguely come in handy.

This amazon list seems a good place to start.


David Isaak said...

Oh, you are getting cheeky, aren't you? First old Fyodor's detective, and then genuine historical personages.

I'm interested to see where this will lead a few books hence. Does Porfiry ever get to meet, say, Mark Twain?

It's just too bad your timeframe misses the Crimean War by a decade.

Dr Ian Hocking said...

Hi Roger - I'm actually researching the same period! I've got some great books, too, if you want to compare notes. 'Five Sisters: Women Against the Tsar' is a fascinating oral history of several woman anarchists 1870+ and how they constructed their passport bureaus, laid mines under the Tsar's parade routes, and so on. Great book.

Roger Morris said...

David, all I can say is, "Cheeky, moi?" Hmm, Mark Twain.... interesting. Interesting. I like your thinking...

Ian, that's amazing. I didn't know you were working in this are. That sounds like a fantastic book. I shall look into it.

I just got a book called The Camera and the Tsars, which is full of photos of the Imperial family. I find photos extremely useful when writing historical stuff, in fact, possibly the most useful resource.

Nik's Blog said...

Hope the research is going well; I find that it can be among the most fun moments of writing. And c'mon - what writer doesn't like buying things from bookshops just in case they might be of use! (Okay, the cost may be a downside, but still, research is research!)