Friday, November 30, 2007

New cover revealed.

More info here.


Anne Brooke said...

Fab cover, Roger!!! Totally love it!!! Must be a week for book cover revelations this week then!



David Isaak said...

Will Goldsboro be making them run off a few hardbacks, too?

Any US cover yet? And why the transatlantic cover gap, anyhow?

Roger Morris said...

Thanks Anne and David!

David, there won't be a Goldsboro run this time (boohoo). They will be stocking the US hardback, which will have this cover, more or less.

Last time the covers were developed independently. The US editor and marketing team had their own ideas about positioning the book and the US cover reflected this. Then when it came to the paperback, the paperback people at Penguin decided they preferred the UK design for Gentle Axe, so chose that. And now they are sticking with that design.

David Isaak said...

The UK covers work better, I think. Much moodier.

Too bad about Goldsboro. That's globalization for ya.

Knackered writer said...

Hello Roger,
What a pleasure it is to discover your blog - I worked in St Petersburg for 12 months many moons ago and read Dostoyevsky while I was there (ooh get me :) your books will be on my Christmas list!

All best wishes to you and thanks, I'll be back :)

Linda (