Friday, July 20, 2007

Polish ad for my book

You saw it here first. Probably. Unless you've already seen it somewhere else.

And there's another one here.

Thanks to Wydawnictwo Literackie, my Polish publishers, for making the effort.

Oh, it's raining with biblical force. There will be more floodings. We live in a valley. Shit.


Matt Curran said...

Hi Roger

We'll be getting your rain pretty soon.

These days in Sheffield it's always raining... But we live on the side of a hill. So we can see other houses being flooded but not ours. In fact, I would say if our flat was flooded, we'd all be f*@ked.

Still, hope you and yours come through it all without any damp moments!

In reply to your question in the last blog entry, "Wachter der Schatten" comes out in November. It has a very nice cover, but my name takes up a third of it.

Someone here joked that in Germany I'll be as big as David Hasslehoff.

But I don't sing that well.

David Isaak said...

Hmmm. And how much is 29.61 zloty these days?