Thursday, July 12, 2007

How many writers does it take to fill a bookshop?

I'll be taking part in a 'Bodies in the Bookshop' event in Heffers, Cambridge, next Tuesday, 17th of July, if anyone is in those parts and interested.

Won't just be me. In fact, here are the writers scheduled to appear:

Stephen Booth, Gianrico Carofiglio, C. J. Carver, Mary Andrea Clarke, Barbara Cleverly, Vena Cork, Paul Doherty, Ruth Downie, Ruth Dudley Edwards, Jane Finnis, Elena Forbes, Christopher Fowler, Ariana Franklin, Seth Garner, Paul D. Gilbert, Jason Goodwin, Dolores Gordon-Smith, June Hampson, Suzette Hill, Lis Howell, Claude Izner, Alison Joseph, Lee Jackson, Jim Kelly, Patrick Lennon, Adrian Magson, Nigel McCrery, Jenni Mills, R. N. Morris, Martin O’Brien, Andrew Pepper, Christine Poulson, Ann Purser, Caro Ramsey, Linda Regan, Mike Ripley, David Roberts, Alex Scarrow, Simon Scarrow, Zoe Sharp, Veronica Stallwood, Rebecca Stott, Frank Tallis, Lesley Thompson, Rebecca Tope, Jill Paton Walsh and Laura Wilson … so far.

Be nice to see a few crime readers among all those crime writers.

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