Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Anybody speak Polish?

I have a feeling the Polish edition of A Gentle Axe has now been published and may look something like this:

Here's a link to the publisher's page.


Tdd_Portal_Kryminalny_Polsih_Crime_Fiction_Site said...

Hallo, my name is Thomas, i'm a chief_editor of first in Poland (so far) Crime Fiction Site (Portal Kryminalny); with the publisher of the polish edition of Gentle Axe we are about' to be the media patron during the promotion of your book. Here's a link:


BTW: polish translation of T.G.Axe means strictly: The Mercyful Axe.

Wish you all the best,


Roger Morris said...

Hi Thomas, thanks for leaving a comment. Your site looks great, by the way. Merciful Axe is a neat translation.

crimeficreader said...

I hope it does as I really like that cover! All the best for sales in Poland, Roger!

Lucy McCarraher said...

Hi Roger,
I don't speak Polish, only a bit of Russian, and I'd love to see the Russian edition when it comes out. Just wanted to say (as I've pretty much given up blogging) that I've just come back from a trip to Australia, and read straight through Gentle Axe on the plane out. Loved it. Wonderful, evocative writing; strange and intriguing characters who seem both appropriate to their period and to a modern reader; a haunting picture of St Petersburg (which you tell me you've never been to) which rings entirely true to someone who knows the city a little and also to an avid reader of Russian literature... altogether an assured, mature, inspired novel which deserves all the success it's clearly getting. I've left my copy with a friend in Sydney, so will have to get another copy and get it signed by you at some point. Congratulations!
Lucy x

Roger Morris said...

Hi Lucy. Thank you so much for that. Extremely generous of you. I've been laying off the blogging myself. But I really do appreciate your comments.