Monday, May 28, 2007

Audiobook review.

Audiogeist has very kindly reviewed the audiobook of The Gentle Axe, read by Simon Vance and found it "a fabulously dark and descriptive story from the outset".

You can read it here.


David Isaak said...

My, my--good news keeps on piling up, doesn't it?

I was in San Francisco/Berkeley/ Oakland the last few days, and the indies--Pegasus Books and Pendragon's--had Gentle Axe proudly on display in the New Arrivals section.

Roger Morris said...

Wow, David, you're still doing sterling work as my number one USA Axe-spotter!

David Isaak said...

Well, I do admit to spending a lot of time in bookstores.

Do you have any idea yet how it's selling?