Thursday, April 05, 2007

The kindness of Zoetropers. is a place I go sometimes, a place where writers post work, review other writers' work, and get together, in a virtual way, to talk about writerly stuff, and occasionally some unwriterly stuff. I've made many very good friends there, some of whom I have now met in person. None of us has yet turned out to be an axe murderer. I am possibly the closest, having written a crime novel with Axe in the title.

Many Zoetropers are American or Canadian. And some of them have been out and about, visiting bookstores, looking for copies of the Axe and reporting back to me. I got news of a sighting in Kauai, the northern most island of the Hawaii chain - described by the spotter Mary Deal as 'the most remote place ON EARTH'.

Lisa McMann spotted it in Tempe Arizona, and even took a picture:

In case there are any members of staff of Borders Tempe reading, Lisa assures me that she had nothing whatsoever to do with standing that book up. No way. Nor did she place that rogue copy you might have found on the recommendations wall.

There have been other sightings too. Mark Budman, the editor of Vestal Review, spotted it in Vestal, NY. He had a rather surreal conversation with the sales assistant about his own book, MY LIFE AT FIRST TRY, which has just been snapped up by Counterpoint.

Jason Shaffner picked up a copy in Borders Boston.

Hannah Holborn has been turning out copies in Canada.

Louis Catron was making a nuisance of himself at his local libraries and bookstores on my behalf.

My thanks to all of these generous souls and all the other zoetropers who have expressed their good wishes, and especially those who have taken a chance, either with the Axe or Taking Comfort (Don Capone, Patti Auburn to name but two).

I'd also like to give a special thanks to the techie suprema Ellen Meister who made my covers rotate on myspace.


Ellen said...

Ha! That's the first time I've been called "techie suprema" (and probably the last).

So happy Lisa snapped that picture of Gentle Axe in Borders! Good chance I'll make it to a Borders here on Long Island tomorrow and will be sure to report back.

Hope it's flying off the shelves, Roger!

Lisa McMann said...

Woo hoo Roger! Thanks for covering for me, man! I'd hate for the Borders Patrol to get me for deliberate bookage misplasion.

(I sure hated when people did that back when I managed a bookstore!!)

Anonymous said...

We're probably as thrilled by the Gentle Axe sightings as you! I'm four chapters in and can't put the book down!

roger said...

Thanks Ellen, Lisa and Hannah (I know who you are!) - thanks for everything.

Nik's Blog said...


Don Capone said...

Hi Roger!
I'll check in the NYC area this weekend and let you know (and take pics with my cell phone if possible).

I'm finishing up "Taking Comfort" now, then I can dive into "Axe."

roger said...

Thanks Nik, thanks Don!

That would be great, Don! I'd love to add your pics to the gallery. And thank you, thank you, thank you....!

Fran Friel said...

All the support is well deserved, Roger. Wishing you continued success and sitings around the globe!

Hugs from CT,

Mary Akers said...

Zoetropers are the best!! Congratulations, Roger!

Anonymous said...

It's on its way to Bali in an Amazon box...