Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fancy a bit of 'lurid'?

According to Doug Southard, who has reviewed The Gentle Axe for the Library Journal, "[r]eaders with an appetite for the occasional lurid scene will enjoy". Let's face it. Which one of us doesn't have the appetite for a bit of lurid now and then.


Biby Cletus said...

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David Isaak said...

"Lurid"? Is that one of those odd, spreadable products like Vegemite?

I guess not. Consulting my dictionary, I find that the meaning is "causing horror or revulsion". If that's the case, Crime and Punishment itself had some "lurid" scenes.

Unless perhaps the reviewer meant "lurid" in the sense of "shining with the read glow of fire as seen through smoke or cloud". Do you have occasional scenes like that?

roger said...

Hi David, yes, I suppose it's the horror and revulsion thing. Fair cop, probably. I think I put even more horror and revulsion in the next book too! Oops.


cate sweeney said...

Hi Roger
Looks like the book is going really well. My copy has just arrived from Amazon...took forever as I made the mistake of ordering a book from America at the same time. Looking forward to reading it soon, then again it is in a big pile...there's too much to read (and write!)
Best wishes

roger said...

Hi Cate - thanks so much for ordering it. I know what you mean about the pile of books... !

Good luck with your new one, by the way.